offeree of‧fe‧ree [ˌɒfəˈriː ǁ ˌɒː-, ˌɑː-] noun [countable] LAW
a person or organization to whom something is offered for sale:

• The offeree's acceptance of the offer was valid.

— compare offeror

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offeree UK US /ɒfəˈriː/ noun [C] FORMAL LAW, STOCK MARKET
a person or an organization that is offered something, especially the opportunity to buy or sell shares: »

Like the offeror, the offeree also has the power to terminate an offer.


The board of the offeree company shall circulate its views on the takeover offer.

Compare OFFEROR(Cf. ↑offeror)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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